Friday, June 19, 2009

More Jimmy to boot!

When it came time to design Jimmy's dog, nobody knew what they wanted. So a bunch of us at the studio threw in our thoughts on the matter. This is my contribution to the cause.

The Background out the patio windows was done by " JOSH GAY "

They also had a problem with Lucius's wife design, so once again a bunch of us had a crack at establishing a look for her.

The rest of these designs were once again done just for fun and to get a feel for the show. None of these designs were used in the production of " Jimmy Two-Shoes ".


Josh Gay said...

I love seeing all these again. Some really fun stuff going on. I don't remember the kid with the mace head, he would've been a great extra!

Anonymous said...

Wow these are very cool! And the sheer amount of them is staggering. Jimmy is a very appealing character, makes me wish I had worked on the show longer. Great job!

'Diamond' Dave Merritt said...

Great dogs Phil

tinylittlesandra said...

Excellent designs all round! Loving it... will be back for more.