Friday, July 31, 2009

Motorola Comic Book: Part One!


In the summer of 2008, I was asked by a friend to help out with a contract he had with Motorola. The result was a comic book of heroes that represent the different type of phones on the market. I designed them more or lest to look like "Bruce Timm" style, they were happy with that. There was not much time for this project, so the clients were not that picky.


Most of the designs got very little revision, this one was strange because I first designed her with long hair then change my mind with the second sketch. They requested the long hair without ever seeing my first sketch.


This one had a drastic change from " Robin " type character to a slick Japanese ninja type guy.


Ex was thrown in at the last minute and the style was already established, so his design came quite easily with only a helmet revision.


Spy Phone is there code for "i phone", get it? Yeah, I thought it was pretty lame to. He started out as a giant robot, but Motorola really did not like that. They were not to thrilled with my second attempt ether.


They loved my third shot at it, but thought he looked to much like " Hades " from Disney's Hercules movie, so I gave him a haircut.


What can I say, they wanted minions, lots of minions.


This was a printed sheet that came with the comic book giving all the back story to the characters. The writer was rushed also, so forgive the poor guy.

More next week!


Thomas Perkins said...

Fun stuffs man!

Rich Dannys said...

These turned out really nice, Phil!

I had a similar assignment years ago, doing character design for NUTELLA sandwich spread.. The agency didn't come right out and SAY they wanted a "Bruce Timm" style.. But that's really what they wanted! hah

Fun stuff!

Alina Chau said...

COOLIO set!!

'Diamond' Dave Merritt said...

Love the Minions Phil. Gotta do lunch soon Buddy. Found another '@#%* shack' in our neighborhood.