Friday, September 13, 2013

Beware The Thunder!















Hey kids! remember these guys! sure you do. Nothing like a classic Saturday morning cartoon to start your day.

I did these designs many, many, many years ago and is some of the old stuff I will be putting up here due to the closing of my website. There will be many more of this kind of post and the 80's classics starts the ball rolling this week.


Kal said...

You are the first one to ever make Snarf look cool.

Unknown said...

These are great. Any chance of seeing Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali added to this series?

Phil Postma said...

Sorry man, I did these over 10 years ago and have no plans to make more. I might do a whole new series sometime down the road.

Stay tuned.

fer said...

Genial :)

Mike said...

I liked your redesign of the Sword of Omens so much I built a version of it in CAD :)
I've got a little more work left to do on it, below is pic of the model.

Phil Postma said...


Unknown said...

I would pay big money to see Thundercats done this way! Fantastic!

Jener Gomes said...

WOW! These are a-maz-ing works!!!
You put the characters on a higher level of design, concept, and, hopefully, the stories.

My favourites are: The normal Mumm-Ra, Snarf, Lion-Os (now I see a transformation would be totally logical), Willies ("Kit-Kat"?!), Monkian.
From the original set, I wish I could know your version of Vultureman...!