Friday, June 27, 2014

A Night in The Life of The Bat!


After a good nights work.


Busta Nuts said...

I would love a print. Don you sell them?

Phil Postma said...

No prints, Sorry.

Jeff Mueller said...

I would love to use this in an article for my website... would that be okay?

Phil Postma said...

OK by me.

terrasys said...

I emailed this to a pal, hope that is ok.
I would love to see this framed on my wall as well.
After all I always thought of Bruce as Robin's dad.
Imagine the conversation:
"So should we get hamburgers and an ice cream float?"
"mmmm. uh, How about we get we get it to go and go for a drive?"
"The car is REALLY fun..."

the penguin gazette said...

Do you think you will ever make prints?

Phil Postma said...

Probably not.