Friday, May 10, 2019

Send in The Clowns!

FVOC #024 - MR. MIME

I love drawing the Villains of The PowerPuff Girls, and yes I will eventually get To HIM. I just wanted to try out a Black & White cover so I choose Mr. Mime, the color stealing criminal clown.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Being Carded!

Before anybody asks, none of these photos are real. No purposeful reason for these, they are just ideas that popped into my head on how to give Star Wars Action figures a bit more creative  packaging. 

The fist group is obviously a tribute to Droids: the animated series with some new figures I made up.

The second group is designed to highlight artists, much like alternate comic covers for the same issue. I kind of miss the kick ass art that used to be on the packaging for action figures.

The third group is just showing off those old school SW comics Marvel use to Publish.

The forth group is pretty self-explanatory, Crayon SW figures. Why? why the hell not.

And the last group was just me doing some photo mash-ups and adding an action figure to it.