Friday, July 1, 2011

Voltron Reborn!

A couple of years ago, I was asked to redsign the kids for voltron. I just recently saw the trailer for the new voltron , so I guess it's O.K. to show these now. I didn't get to redsign the Cats, they were already done by the toy company, to bad, that would have been fun.

Long live Voltron!


Justin Rodrigues said...

These are great man! Haven't seen the show yet. Were these the final designs they used?

Phil Postma said...

Sorry, these are not the final designs, they were just to show the toy company that the studio I was working for could do the job. They didn't get the contract, so I didn't get the job.

Anonymous said...

Well well that not a " kick in the pants"?
RICK is with ZETAS?
And the BEE is KARL ROVE who's a pal of GER?
And GER is a pal of the QUEEN?
Bad news is...GER has lost his "CROWN"!