Friday, September 21, 2018

BATMAN: Coppers and Gangsters!

 BATMAN: Coppers and Gangsters












Back in the day when the "Dick Tracy" movie came out, I was amazed how good Hollywood made an old school comic book come to life. And then the toy line came out and I loved them too, fun and playable just like action figures should be. But I always wondered "What if..." Batman had a movie in the Dick Tracy style and a toy line.  So after all these years, I finally got off my butt and did it. I took the Dick Tracy toy line and Photoshopped me some Batman characters as Dick Tracy action figures.
 I think they turned out OK I guess, you get what I was going for. This would look 100X better if these figures were sculpted but I work with what I got.

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Andrew said...

SO AWESOME. I recognized the goal here from the teaser pic alone. I was a bit obsessed with Dick Tracy as a little kid (six when the movie came out) and I got all the figures (except for the Breathless which I don't think they ever actually produced). I played with those figures SO much. It's so cool to see this done with the Batman characters. So many good carryovers and parallels. Poor Sam though, relegated to "the Police". I hope he's not taking bribes. He's probably taking bribes. It is Gotham, after all.
What a fun way to start a Monday. : )